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Take Action Now: Network for Justice gives YOU the power to stop the death penalty!

Abolish the Death Penalty is joining with hundreds of other organizations to support the Network for Justice petition. Show your support for Abolish the Death Penalty and for this campaign by signing up and networking with your friends.

Our Petition to Albany:
Keep the death penalty out of our state! The death penalty does not deter others from committing violent crimes nor does it bring closure to victims. It is ineffective and unjust, both discriminatory and wasteful of resources that should be used for crime prevention and victims' services. This issue is critical in determining fair and equal justice for all New York.

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When you join by signing the petition, we will notify the State Representatives from your zip code and give you your own Personal Network Page. It will give you the tools you need to to invite friends, track your impact on our cause, and email your state representatives about the issue.

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What's at Stake:

This past June, the death penalty was ruled unconstitutional in New York. But Governor Pataki and Majority Leader Joseph Bruno swore to enact a new death penalty law. Rather than rush to implement a law that legal experts, law enforcement and academics have said is ineffective, unfair and discriminatory, the state Assembly is holding a series of public hearings to determine what the people of New York want. We can have an impact on this debate.

This issue is critical in determining fair and equal justice for all of us. That's why "New Yorkers to Execute Justice, Not People" has formed the Network for Justice, which lets us take action NOW to ensure that the death penalty does not return to our state.

The Network for Justice uses an exciting new Internet technology that lets our voices be heard. NetworkForJustice.org provides the networking tools that will let both individuals and organizations tell Albany that the death penalty does not belong in New York. When you sign the petition on this page, we will create a personal homepage where you can invite your friends to join you , see your personal impact on our campaign, and send a strong message to your local representatives.

Network for Justice proves that one person CAN make a difference! The legislation is pending, and we must act now!

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